BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Newly-released court documents say the father of accused killer Hannah Tubbs threatened witnesses, claiming he had Mafia connections and that anyone who went to law enforcement would be killed.

Edward Tubbs, 66, is charged with being an accessory to murder and two counts of intimidating a witness while Hannah Tubbs, 27, faces charges including first-degree murder.

It’s alleged Hannah Tubbs killed Washington man Michael Clark in the Lake Isabella area sometime between the night of April 20 to the early morning of April 21, 2019. They were members of what prosecutors called a “survivalist transient group.”

Hannah Tubbs called her father the morning of April 21, the documents say. Other calls followed, placing Edward Tubbs in Lake Isabella soon after Clark’s death, the reports say.

It’s alleged in the documents Edward Tubbs picked up Hannah Tubbs and drove her to Los Angeles in a loaned vehicle after telling other members of the group to scatter to different parts of the state and keep quiet.

Upon later learning a group member had spoken to sheriff’s investigators, Edward and Hannah Tubbs made death threats, according to the reports.

“They said they’re connected with the Mafia and this and that and if we said a word they were coming after us, killing us, killing my family and, you know, killing everybody they could, including our pets and everything,” the group member told District Attorney’s Office investigators.

Another group member said, “(Hannah Tubbs)’ dad knew all about it,” referring to Clark’s killing. He added, “His dad knows some pretty high up people too.”

Hannah Tubbs was charged with murder in April of last year. Upon further investigation, prosecutors brought charges against Edward Tubbs in August.

Hannah Tubbs previously was known as James Tubbs but now identifies as a woman. One group member, however, said Tubbs only claims to be transgender to receive special treatment while in custody.

The group member told investigators she overheard a conversation between Hannah and Edward Tubbs about a pending charge Hannah had in Washington. She said Edward told Hannah to claim to be transgender if arrested.

“Edward told (Hannah) they are kind to the LGBTQ community and if he claims transgender, he will receive leniency and jail will be like a country club,” the group member said according to the reports.

The killing

Group members told authorities Hannah Tubbs and Clark argued the evening of April 20, 2019, over Tubbs stealing money. The two later went for a walk; only Tubbs returned.

She admitted killing Clark by beating him with a rock and dumping him in the Kern River, group members said according to court documents.

Clark’s corpse was found in the river months later. An autopsy determined he drowned.

Clark was much bigger than Tubbs, but the victim’s father, Richard Clark, told investigators Michael Clark had cognitive and physical coordination disabilities. Richard Clark said his son was schizophrenic and didn’t take his medication.

The Tubbs are next due in court Nov. 7.

In 2019, Hannah Tubbs was linked through DNA evidence to the 2014 sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl in a Denny’s bathroom in Palmdale. Tubbs was 17 at the time. She pleaded guilty and received a two-year sentence in a juvenile facility.