BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — After being convicted of raping multiple women in Sacramento, Ronald Feldmeier spent three decades behind bars.

Feldmeier achieved notoriety for his crimes — he was called the “pillowcase rapist” for using a pillowcase to stifle his victims’ screams — and was targeted by other inmates.

“He served his time, which was worse than time served by other people because he was repeatedly assaulted, stabbed and attacked by other inmates,” said Bakersfield defense attorney Kyle J. Humphrey.

Released in 2019, Feldmeier, 70, is accused of failing to register as a sex offender and could be sent back to prison for the rest of his life if convicted, said Humphrey, who is representing him.

According to court filings, Feldmeier failed to update his sex offender registration in December 2019 after moving to a sober living home on Bernard Street. He apologized to a parole agent and said he forgot, the filings say.

Humphrey said Feldmeier was staying at a home where parole agents helped place him and was wearing an ankle monitor. Feldmeier simply forgot to register — he wasn’t planning anything nefarious and his movements were tracked at all times, the attorney said.

While in prison, Feldmeier had to ask permission for everything he did, from using the library to going to lunch, Humphrey said. Each day had a set schedule. He wasn’t in charge of anything.

It’s unrealistic to release someone after decades and expect them to immediately adjust and know exactly what to do, Humphrey said. Feldmeier had been free a couple months when he failed to register.

“Over time the reality of incarceration, of not making your own decisions, it affects you,” Humphrey said.

He said Feldmeier no longer poses a threat.

“He’s an old man now,” Humphrey said.

Feldmeier is scheduled for trial Nov. 7.