BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A former Kern County sheriff’s deputy arrested in October for allegedly kissing and groping a woman against her will has pleaded not guilty to additional charges of sexual battery, stalking and making obscene phone calls.

Michael Everett Clark appeared in court Monday unshaven and wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. He stood next to his attorney, Kyle J. Humphrey, during the brief proceedings.

Superior Court Judge Michael G. Bush said Clark can remain out of custody after posting $175,000 bail for the earlier charges. He said that’s a sufficient amount of bail for the charges Clark faces, noting the two cases against him will be combined.

The judge also issued a criminal protective order barring Clark from having contact with the alleged victims.

In total, Clark is charged with three counts of sexual battery, three counts of assault by a public officer, two counts of stalking and charges of false imprisonment with violence, touching a person intimately against their will for sexual arousal and making obscene calls.

The October charges stem from an incident where Clark, on duty and in his patrol vehicle, offered a ride home to a woman who was walking.

She accepted, and when they got to her house Clark forced himself on her, kissing and groping her, according to court documents. She said he unbuttoned his pants and exposed himself, and asked her to perform sex acts on him. She refused.

She told detectives she kept telling Clark she would call him later in the hope that he would allow her to get out of the car. He eventually let her leave.

On Oct. 18, the woman settled a claim she filed against the Sheriff’s Office in connection with Clark’s behavior for $25,000, according to county records.

Clark is next due in court April 29.