BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — As he lay bleeding in the roadway, Jose Luis Hernandez Laureano pointed to a woman kneeling next to him and said, “Ella me disparo (she shot me),” according to newly-released reports.

The woman he pointed at was his estranged girlfriend, Cony Alvarado-Romero, according to the reports, which say the incident was captured on body-worn camera footage.

Hernandez, 30, was taken to Kern Medical, where he later died, and Alvarado-Romero, after a lengthy investigation, was charged with first-degree murder in his death.

The reports say Alvarado-Romero, 31 when charged, at first claimed someone else shot Hernandez. Confronted with what police learned from security camera footage and neighbors, she eventually admitted to shooting Hernandez but said she fired after he assaulted her, according to court filings.

Police noted she had no injuries and there were no restraining or stay-away orders listed against Hernandez.

Alvarado-Romero was released from custody shortly after the Nov. 17, 2021, shooting after prosecutors sent the case back for further investigation. She wasn’t charged until October and is not listed in custody in Kern County.

The shooting happened on Latham Street, north of Niles Street and west of Morning Drive.

When police arrived, Alvarado-Romero told them Hernandez had left their house to get the mail and she heard a “loud sound.” She said she went outside and saw he’d been shot. She told police she didn’t know who would want to kill him but said he goes to dance clubs “with females and drugs.”

Alvarado-Romero said she and Hernandez had been together four years and had one child in common, according to the filings. She said there had been incidents where he abused her and they hadn’t lived together for two months.

Police reviewed surveillance footage and saw no vehicles enter or leave the area at the time of the shooting. They also spoke with neighbors who reported hearing a gunshot but no yelling beforehand, the filings say.

After an investigator told her there wasn’t evidence backing up her story, Alvarado-Romero said she shot Hernandez after he arrived to see his child, the reports say. She said she was in her vehicle outside the house when he arrived and grabbed her around the throat as they argued, according to the filings. She said he managed to wrest a gun from him. He ran and she fired, she told police.

“She said that if a person feels that they are being threatened, they don’t know how to act, and they must defend themselves,” an investigator wrote.

Upon further questioning, Cony-Alvarado said the gun belonged to her and she bought it illegally, according to the reports. She said she threw it after the shooting but investigators were unable to find it.

An autopsy performed on Hernandez showed a bullet entered to the back of his left shoulder, hitting his lungs then traveling out the center of his chest, the reports say.