BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Jarred Charles Heilman and Terry Turpin didn’t like each other.

Turpin said Heilman once assaulted a person confined to a wheelchair, according to court documents. Heilman believed Turpin had stolen one of his bikes.

The mutual dislike spilled over into bloodshed last month.

Turpin, 44, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in Heilman’s death and remains in custody on $1 million bail. His next court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 4.

Heilman, 37, and a woman who told police she was his girlfriend were walking on a pathway along the west side of Mill Creek Canal the night of May 23 when they came across Turpin fishing in the canal, according to her statement to police contained in court documents.

The two men argued then began fighting, the girlfriend said. During the fight, Turpin stabbed Heilman, she said in the documents.

She didn’t witness the stabbing, but after the men separated Heilman collapsed with a wound to his chest, the documents say.

Police contacted Turpin at his residence. An officer noticed blood spatter on his tennis shoes, according to the documents.

Turpin admitted to stabbing Heilman, the documents say.

He told police he stole Heilman’s bike at an earlier date to “teach him a lesson” after Heilman assaulted the person in a wheelchair.

When Heilman came across him fishing, Turpin said he confirmed to Heilman that he was the person who stole his bike. He said he wanted Heilman to know, and hoped he would try to do something about it, the court filings say.

Turpin said Heilman threw his backpack in the canal and began hitting him with a collapsible baton, according to the documents.

Turpin told police he deflected the baton strikes and pulled a knife, according to the documents. He stabbed Heilman.

“I felt it go in,” he told police.

Turpin acknowledged he could have run instead of fight, but said he has a reputation to uphold, the documents say.