BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — When his ex-wife arrived to drop off a child they share in common, Detentions Deputy Steven Hunt allegedly approached her vehicle with a gun in his hand, threatened to kill her and pointed the weapon at her new boyfriend.

Those details are contained in a warrant filed by sheriff’s investigators in connection with Hunt’s arrest Monday on suspicion of making criminal threats, brandishing a firearm and possession of steroids.

Two shotguns, a rifle and two handguns — including a .38-caliber derringer — metal knuckles and a bag containing various calibers of ammunition were seized from Hunt’s home on Sunny Meadow Drive in Oildale, according to the warrant. Investigators also found and seized vials of anabolic steroids.

Investigators say in the warrant that surveillance video of the incident is consistent with the account provided by the ex-wife and boyfriend.

The boyfriend was driving when they arrived and Hunt walked up. The detention deputy leaned into the vehicle and pointed a gun at him, according to the couple’s account contained in the warrant.

The boyfriend drove away as the ex jumped from the vehicle and confronted Hunt.

Hunt threatened to kill her, the ex told investigators, and she responded “just do it then.” The video captured that remark, the warrant says and shows Hunt holding what appears to be a handgun in his right hand.

Hunt has since been released from custody. Charges had not been filed as of Wednesday morning.