BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Ammunition, a vehicle diagnostics tablet, and keys were among the items stolen from a deputy’s vehicle parked in the Downtown Jail parking lot, according to a court filing.

The items stolen Oct. 31 were worth about $1,440, investigators said in a warrant that became available last week. They included a custom-made black jacket with a white Lexus logo and “Lexus” sewn onto the right shoulder.

The jacket made a reappearance at the jail months later.

On Jan. 14, Vincent Pablo Darragh, 23, was brought in for booking on charges of possession of drugs and a stolen vehicle, according to the warrant. A deputy, during a search of Darragh, told him to remove a black coat.

“Once the black coat was removed, I noticed underneath the coat Darragh was wearing a black jacket with a white Lexus logo and the word “Lexus” sewn onto the right shoulder,” the deputy wrote.

Records showed Darragh had recently been in custody and was released from jail the night of the burglary, according to the warrant. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage that showed him loitering in the south parking lot and walking toward unattended vehicles in the employee lot, the warrant says. No one else was nearby.

Investigators served a warrant at Darragh’s home and seized ammunition, the warrant says. He was charged last week with burglary and grand theft.