BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Javier Zaragoza was already serving 40 years to life when, transported to Delano for a court hearing, he stabbed his co-defendant with a weapon he’d fashioned himself and concealed, prosecutors say.

This week, a jury found him guilty of aggravated assault in the 2021 attack, according to a release from the District Attorney’s Office. He faces an additional 19 years in prison at his Nov. 30 sentencing.

“Zaragoza’s complete disregard for human life is horrifying and will not be tolerated,” District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer said in the release. “Every day, our office is fighting to protect our communities and never allow such individuals to roam freely.”

The co-defendant was stabbed repeatedly in the back after Zaragoza slipped his handcuffs and retrieved the weapon as they were escorted to an inmate seating area in the courthouse, according to the release.

Housed at Kern Valley State Prison, Zaragoza, 41, is serving the life term for a 2003 attempted murder conviction out of Los Angeles County.