BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Deputies were justified in shooting a Boron man who armed himself with several weapons and threatened to blow up his trailer last month, sheriff’s officials say.

Deputies arrived late March 3 at the trailer of Michael Ramos Jr. on Nudgent Street after receiving a report of a man shooting out a vehicle window with a BB gun, officials said.

Shortly after deputies arrived, Ramos pointed a bow and arrow at a deputy, according to footage released by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. He set fire to a curtain in his trailer and said he had unhooked a gas line to cause an explosion.

A crisis negotiator tried to get Ramos to surrender peacefully. Ramos refused and repeatedly said, “Then kill me,” according to a phone call recorded and included with the video footage. He told the negotiator he had plenty of arrows.

Ramos, 41, also said he had a gun pointed at them.

“You better start firing those real bullets,” Ramos said in the call.

Negotiations lasted more than seven hours. Ramos fired three arrows at SWAT members, one hitting a vehicle and cracking its windshield, according to the footage.

Ramos walked onto the porch and brandished a machete, the footage shows. Then, despite repeated orders not to, he picked up a gun. He kept asking officers if they had live rounds and mentioned “suicide by cop.”

“I love you, mom,” he said.

Four sergeants and a senior deputy fired, striking and killing Ramos.

Deputies found a gun near his body, according to the footage. It was a BB gun that looked like a revolver, with cartridges for the BBs that appeared similar to bullets.

The sergeants — Sean Mountjoy, Jay Heisey, Michael Dorkin and Christian Melero — and Senior Deputy Eric Vollmer were placed on routine administrative leave.

On Friday, the sheriff’s incident review board determined the use of force against Ramos was within policy.