BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A convicted torturer’s online boasts comparing himself to Satan and bragging about dumping bodies in the Kern River ultimately helped result in getting his parole rescinded, prosecutors say.

Guillermo Alvarez, 33, won’t be up for parole again for another five years.

In 2012, Alvarez was found guilty of torture and assault for the repeated, brutal abuse of his wife, and a vicious assault on his 17-year-old girlfriend. Both the wife and girlfriend lived in the same home with Alvarez and his two children.

Alvarez assaulted his wife at least 10 times, using a baseball bat, metal rod and shoe, prosecutors said in a news release sent Wednesday. On July 7, 2012, he beat his wife then punched the girlfriend in the face, stomped on her midsection and flung a baby walker on her head while she was down.

Another victim, previously abused by Alvarez, testified at trial he threw a picture frame at her while their child was nursing and threatened to kill her as he held a piece of glass against her throat.

Sentenced to seven years to life in prison, Alvarez was denied parole in 2018 and 2021 but granted release in March 2023.

The District Attorney’s Office compiled recordings, photos and transcripts to show evidence of Alvarez’s “criminal thinking and impulsivity,” according to the release. Among them was a song Alvarez posted online bragging about killing people, tossing bodies in the Kern River, pimping and running distribution of an inmate-made alcoholic beverage called pruno, made from fermented fruit.

He “essentially compares himself to Satan,” prosecutors said.

The DA’s office sent that information to the Board of Parole Hearings, which conducted its own investigation. Alvarez’s case was then sent to a parole board consisting of most commissioners in the state which reviewed the evidence and a four-page document arguing against his release authored by a Kern prosecutor.

The board decided to rescind Alvarez’s release.

On Oct. 6, at his fourth parole hearing, he was found to pose an unreasonable risk and denied parole. His next hearing isn’t expected until October 2028.