BAKERSFIELD, Calif (KGET) — Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer and Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh announced their joint support Friday for a proposition to reduce “unintended consequences” due to recent changes in the law.

The proposition, called the “Reducing Crime And Keeping California Safe Initiative,” has qualified for the November 2020 ballot, and Zimmer and Goh said in a release it’s designed to do the following:

  • Create tougher laws to address repeat theft offenders and organized groups who commit thefts that stifle businesses and drive up prices for consumers.
  • Close a loophole that currently allows inmates convicted of violent crimes to receive early parole by being treated as “non-violent” offenders.
  • Ensure DNA collection from convicted criminals is permitted.

“Reinstituting real consequences for repeat theft offenders allows us to combat one of the major issues that has come with the increased homeless population,” Zimmer said in the release.