BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A man charged with fatally shooting another man in Oildale will undergo a competency evaluation to determine if he can stand trial.

Judge Chad Louie on Thursday ordered Jarrit Perrett be examined by a psychologist and set a hearing Dec. 13 to discuss the findings.

Perrett, 39, is charged with first-degree murder and two counts of manufacturing or distributing an assault weapon in the shooting early April 3 of Derol Louis Del Rio, 62. Del Rio died at the scene of the shooting on Minner Avenue, south of Norris Road and west of North Chester Avenue.

Perrett had three guns on him when arrested, according to a sheriff’s report. He had previously lived at the home currently occupied by Del Rio and had been evicted a year earlier for continually harassing a neighbor, according to the report.

Perrett and Del Rio never lived together.

In a competency hearing, a doctor determines if a defendant understands the criminal proceedings against them and can assist their attorney in the preparation of a defense. If Perrett is found incompetent, he’ll be placed in a state hospital until restored to competency.

According to court filings, Perrett told police he remembered being inside Del Rio’s home while armed with a rifle and three handguns. He believed he was drugged, documents say, and he saw Del Rio’s body on the front porch.

“Perrett said he believes logically he shot and killed (Del Rio),” according to court filings.

Deputies found an AK-47 rifle in Perrett’s pickup, the filings say.