BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In 2021, Justin Anthony Griffin Jr. posed for photos meant to be disrespectful to the Bloods street gang while standing in the gang’s territory.

Those photos were uploaded to social media. It’s believed they ultimately led to Griffin’s death in what prosecutor John Allen said is a case about “the true tragedy of gang violence.”

After posting the photos, Griffin, a member of the rival Westside Crips, attended a party with his father the night of Nov. 3, 2021, at which Bloods were in attendance.

The Griffins quickly left and drove away. But they had been noticed, and a vehicle trailed them to Stine Road, where a car-to-car shooting occurred.

Justin Griffin was hit in the head and died.

The trial of his alleged killers — David Gray, Demitris King and Christian Gaines — is nearing its end.

On Wednesday morning, closing arguments began in Gray’s trial, and on Thursday a separate jury will hear closing arguments in the trial of King and Gaines.

All three defendants are charged with first-degree murder and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle and face life terms in prison if found guilty. Gaines and Gray also face a gang charge.

During their investigation, police retrieved surveillance footage from multiple cameras, interviewed witnesses and researched the social media accounts belonging to Griffin and the suspects.

Police found the photos disrespecting the Bloods.

Three days after shooting, a Facebook story posted on Gray’s page said, “Everything B All Funny & HeheHaaha Until They Family Can’t Pay For They Funeral Services,” according to police reports filed in court. Gray had conducted a Google search asking if bullets could be traced back to the gun that fired them, the reports say.

Questioned by police, Gray admitted being at the party and taking a video of himself holding a gun, the reports say. He told police he was aware of Griffin’s photos and made comments caught on video saying Griffin was “dissing the hood.”

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