Charges filed against woman accused of spitting on food being served to police officer

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Tatyana Hargrove

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Prosecutors on Tuesday filed charges against a woman accused of spitting on food being served to an officer at the restaurant where she worked.

A charge of attempting to mingle substances with food or drink — a felony — and a misdemeanor battery charge have been filed against Tatyana Hargrove in connection with the Nov. 15, 2019, incident.

Hargrove, 21, was an employee of a west Bakersfield McDonald’s  where a fellow employee said he saw her fill the order of a uniformed Bakersfield police officer.

Reports say Hargrove was seen rubbing a hamburger bun on the floor and spitting on it before serving it to the officer. The sheriff’s office investigated and arrested her that evening. They collected videotaped evidence.

Hargrove is scheduled to be formally arraigned Dec. 18.

In 2018, Hargrove claimed she was the victim of police brutality when she was arrested after a struggle with Bakersfield police.

Officers responding to a report of a man armed with a machete stopped and questioned Hargrove, mistaking her for a man. She resisted, police said, and it was necessary to subdue her with a police dog.

She was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and interfering with a police dog. The District Attorney’s office later decided not to prosecute Hargrove, and Police Chief Lyle Martin called her family to apologize.

Hargrove sued in federal court, claiming a civil rights violation.

That suit went to jury trial and, on Oct. 18, the jury found the police department blameless and ruled in favor of the City of Bakersfield.

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