BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Charges of attempted murder have been dismissed against a man arrested in the shooting of a man and a pregnant woman after the victims refused to cooperate with authorities, leaving unanswered questions as to what happened, prosecutors said.

Given the unanswered questions in the Jan. 27 shooting at a motel on Union Avenue, a plea agreement was reached Friday in which Bryan Suell pleaded no contest to gun possession by a felon. Two counts of attempted murder and assault with a gun and a burglary charge were dismissed.

Suell, 41, is expected to be sentenced to a three-year prison term, Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel said in an email.

According to court documents, a man and pregnant woman were asleep in a room at the Plaza Motel on Union Avenue when a man entered the room and shot the woman in the stomach. The man told police he fought with the gunman, who fired at his lower legs. He suffered gunshot wounds to his left ankle and right leg.

Police reviewed surveillance footage which showed the suspected gunman get in a car parked on the premises. Officers found Suell lying on the rear floorboard and took him into custody, documents said.

The shooting victims suffered injuries that were not life-threatening and the fetus was unharmed.

Kinzel said the victims were not cooperative and the case was complicated by suspected drug sales occurring in the motel room and the presence of another gun. He said it’s unclear what led to the shooting and who is responsible.