Bakersfield crime weekend wrap, five homicides including one officer involved shooting

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It was a bloody three days with five people killed, including one who was shot and killed in an officer involved shooting after police say the suspect charged at officers, that shooting now under investigation by the California Department of Justice.

Two weeks following the Wasco shooting that left five dead, Bakersfield over the last few days matched that.

Early Monday morning police were called to Union Avenue and 4th Street for reports of gunfire. They found a man dead with a gunshot wound.

Saturday night there was a similar scene at King and Butte streets. Police arrived around 9:30 p.m. to find 50-year-old Parrish Stinson dead from a gunshot wound.

Early Saturday morning a man crashed his truck at Stine and Harris Streets after being chased by police across Southwest Bakersfield. Throughout the morning the man shot at multiple people including officers.
Officers returned fire killing the man in the Autumn Crest neighborhood.

Early Friday morning, there was a double homicide at the Grassotti Townhomes.

The suspect Bryson Blair was arrested Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Blair has a rap sheet with both local and federal law enforcement allegedly with multiple accounts of domestic violence.

Blair broke into his wife’s townhome the night before the shooting and attacked her according to witnesses at Grassotti Townhomes. Police were called and Blair was escorted out.

He allegedly came back less than an hour later and broke in again to attack his wife. BPD escorted him out a second time.

His wife had a restraining order on Blair and had filed domestic violence reports multiple times which had landed Blair in and out of jail.

On Friday morning, witnesses said, he killed his wife and the nighttime apartment manager, Eugene Michael Dobarro, who tried to protect her.

The wife, Asia Blair, lived in fear, the manager’s son said.

“She [Asia Blair] did not feel safe,” Douglass Dobarro the son of Eugene Michael Dobarro said. “She told my father multiple times she didn’t feel safe because he [Bryson Blair] threatened to kill her. They [BPD] just let him go and they [BPD] let him go twice. And then the third time was sadly the final time. And my father lost his life as well as the young lady.”

Bakersfield Police Department said you can call police for help if you’re being abused or witness an abuse.

“The police department is not shy about arresting people for these types of issues,” Robert Pair from BPD said. “But in order to make those arrests we have to know what’s going on. Due to the nature of domestic violence it often happens outside the sight of public view and in the privacy of homes. Without being alerted to it, it can be difficult to detect.”

Douglass Dobarro said his father wasn’t someone who could watch someone else get hurt or be pushed around. He said, he knows if his father could do it all over again, he would do the exact same thing and try to protect that young woman.

Sergeant Pair offered some additional comments about the prevalence of those violent attacks, a very common occurrence for Bakersfield.

“The reality is that unfortunately, domestic violence occurs on a daily basis,” Robert Pair said. “We make 3 to 4 to 5 arrests for domestic violence every single day in the city of Bakersfield. It is something that is around. It is something that our community has struggled with, our families have struggled with and it’s something that we routinely encounter in the city.”

If you are experiencing domestic violence, there is help available. You can always call 911 if it’s an emergency.

You can also call the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault during normal business hours at (661) 322-0931.

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