ARVIN, Calif. (KGET) — Two people were arrested after allegedly trying to use credit card skimmers on unsuspecting grocery customers in Arvin, according to police.

Surveillance footage from La Mexicana grocery store on Bear Market Boulevard shows what appears to be a man installing a skimming device while two others distract customers from seeing the switch.

The skimmers are devices that fit over the card slot in an ATM or point of payment. When a customer uses the machine, the skimmer copies all of their card information.

On Thursday, the thieves allegedly returned to pick up the skimmers. But to their surprise, the devices were gone.

The store owners had already removed them and reported them to the police. Arvin police officers were ready for them.

“Our police department immediately followed up and due to traffic conditions in the town we were actually able to apprehend the people in a traffic stop,” said Jeff Jones, Arvin City Manager.

Arvin police Sgt. Brandon Snyder said the arrest of the two suspects is good for the community, but it isn’t something new in Arvin.

“We recover multiple skimmers here in the city weekly from the ATMs at the bank,” explained Snyder. “Their service technicians are calling us at least, I would say, every other day saying that there was a device that they locate on the ATMs.”

It’s not only a problem in Arvin, but across the state.

Arvin police officials say they will remain vigilant to make sure the community is not preyed upon and victimized by criminal activity.

“We found evidence that shows they have certain locations for skimmers, all the way from San Diego County to Tulare County,” Snyder said.

Make sure that the devices aren’t tampered with, that your card goes in smoothly, comes out smoothly and if you’re unsure ask the stores,” explained Jones.