BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The case of Angelique Nash, who at one point was serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in the 2010 death of 81-year-old Dorothy Session, has taken yet another turn.

The 5th District Court of Appeal has ruled Nash will have her case sent back to Kern County because the trial judge forgot to formally vacate her murder conviction when resentencing her in 2021 to time served for first-degree burglary. Once the murder conviction is formally vacated, the case will be sent to Juvenile Court and a decision made on whether it remains there or is transferred back to adult court.

Lastly, whichever court the case ultimately ends up in will determine whether the case is resolved with the vacated conviction, or whether Nash shall again be resentenced for first-degree burglary.

Murder victim Dorothy Session.

Nash was 17 when she acted as a lookout while her 15-year-old sister, Katila Nash and a third person, David Deshawn Moses, entered Session’s east Bakersfield home planning to steal valuables. Moses, then 17, hit Session, knocking her down. She died from injuries suffered in the assault.

The Nashes and Moses were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life terms in prison. The Nash sisters were convicted under the felony-murder rule, which said a defendant could be found guilty of murder even if they weren’t the actual killer but committed a dangerous act such as robbery or burglary that resulted in death.

In 2019, a new law substantially changed the rule. The law, which applies retroactively, says a person must actually commit or aid in a killing, or have the intent to kill, during the commission of a crime in order to be charged with murder.

Angelique Nash had her murder conviction dismissed and was resentenced on the underlying burglary charge.

Katila Nash was released from custody in 2019 after another law, SB 1391, stipulated anyone 15 or younger cannot be transferred to adult court for any crime — including murder.

Moses, 30, is eligible for parole in 2034, according to prison records.