BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Deputies found one gunshot victim on the ground, another inside a car and spent bullet casings scattered across a parking lot outside a Lost Hills apartment the night of Aug. 30.

The man on the ground, Ulyses Aviles, 34, was pronounced dead at the scene, and the man in the car, Gerardo Junior Gonzalez, 33, died a month later at Kern Medical, according to reports. Both had multiple gunshot wounds.

The accused gunman, Marco Aldaco, 31, told police he thought the other men may been armed when they confronted him but admitted not seeing any weapons, according to sheriff’s reports. Aldaco, a convicted felon barred from owning firearms, also admitted using an unregistered “ghost gun” to shoot both men, reports say.

A total of 27 spent rounds of 9mm ammunition were found at the scene, investigators said.

Aldaco is charged with second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and possession of a gun and ammunition by a felon, court records show. A preliminary hearing is scheduled Feb. 7.

According to the reports, filed in Superior Court, Aviles and Gonzalez arrived around 11 p.m. at the apartment on Lamberson Avenue where Aldaco was staying with his pregnant girlfriend and her daughter. The girlfriend told investigators she believed the men showed up to fight Aldaco in retaliation for Aldaco assaulting Gonzalez’s uncle.

She asked Aviles to leave because she’s pregnant, the girlfriend told detectives, but Aviles got out of the car and threatened her and her daughter. Aviles held his shorts in a way that made her suspect he was hiding a weapon, she said according to the reports.

Then she heard gunfire.

“(The girlfriend) confirmed that Aldaco had shot Aviles but she was unable to state how many shots were fired,” the reports say. She told detectives she hadn’t seen Aldaco pull a gun.

Aviles tried to run to the car but Gonzalez started driving away as the shooting occurred, the girlfriend said according to the documents. She saw Aviles drop and she called 911.

Aviles suffered gunshot wounds to his arms, legs and upper back, documents said. Gonzalez also had multiple gunshot wounds, and investigators found 17 bullet strikes to the car. No weapons were found on either man, the reports say.

Aldaco left before deputies arrived and was arrested the next day. He’s held without bail.