BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two men pleaded no contest Friday to voluntary manslaughter in the beating death of a Lamont man last year, and a woman charged in the case has pleaded no contest to an accessory charge.

Octaviano Gonzalez, Ruben Parayno and Michelle Valencia are due back in court July 14 for sentencing, according to court records. Each had faced a charge of first-degree murder that was dismissed under the plea deal.

The three were arrested in the death of Moises Perez Torrez, 49, whose body was found in the 10300 block of Habecker Road near the East Side Canal, according to sheriff’s officials.

A witness reported Gonzalez and Parayno assaulted Torrez following an argument the night of Sept. 14, according to court filings. The witness told detectives Valencia urged the men on, yelling, “Hit him harder, you’re hitting him like a baby.”