BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A naked woman running through a park. A man speeding along a city street with his 1-year-old daughter on the center console. Methamphetamine.

All three allegedly combined for an unusual incident at Tehachapi’s Central Park last week involving a couple with whom police have had multiple prior contacts.

According to a court filing, police dispatched Nov. 7 to a report of a naked woman found Amanda Thompson unclothed and apparently under the influence of drugs. The temperature was in the low 40s and it was raining.

“Officers attempted to ask Amanda basic questions relating to her health and if medical attention was needed but Amanda was unresponsive and had a blank stare when being asked questions,” an investigator wrote in the warrant filed in Superior Court.

After contacting Thompson, officers saw Gregory Bolton speed in a vehicle along South Mojave Street then make a turn onto East E Street, the filing says. His daughter was in the car but not in a child safety seat; Bolton was holding her up by her left arm on the center console, according to the warrant.

Police detained Bolton as he tried to get Thompson in the vehicle.

Questioned later, Thompson told police she used meth the night before and hadn’t slept, according to the warrant. She said she’s been using for 17 years.

She said Bolton provides her with the drug, but Bolton told police he believes an ex-boyfriend of Thompson visits their home on Pepper Drive while he’s at work, the warrant says. He said the ex may be spiking Thompson’s drinks.

Police arrested Thompson and court records say she’s facing four misdemeanors: child cruelty, being under the influence of a drug and possession of a drug and drug paraphernalia. Bolton was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment but has not been charged.

According to the warrant, a search of their home turned up the following: glass pipe with burnt marks and an off-white burnt residue; blue vial containing suspected meth; jar containing suspected marijuana; and a green wax substance resembling honey oil, concentrated cannabis.

The warrant contains descriptions of two prior contacts police had with the two.

On Jan. 11, police were called to their home to a report of a domestic dispute and found a glass drug pipe, the filing says. Officers arrested Thompson on suspicion of domestic violence but it doesn’t appear charges were filed.

On Nov. 2, police again were dispatched to the home to a report of a woman screaming for help. They contacted Thompson in the garage; she had left the child alone in the home, according to the warrant.

Thompson was determined to be under the influence of multiple drugs. She was charged with a misdemeanor drug offense, records show.