Court documents: Teen’s father said wanted man on the run was drowned newborn’s dad


Another tragic chapter in the heartbreaking story that started with the death of a newborn, whose body was found buried in a Bakersfield backyard.

Police believe Jagsir Singh, the child’s grandfather, took his own life. Thursday, Singh’s widow, attended her husband’s funeral under police escort. She is charged with drowning her grandson.

Beant Kaur Dhillon found her 15-year-old daughter in a bathroom inside their home in November. According to reports, the teen had just given birth to a baby boy. 

Police say Dhillon told the girl the baby would be put up for adoption, but instead, Dhillon drowned the baby shortly after he was born. “Dhillon said she drowned the infant to prevent family shame,” stated the police report.

After she killed the child, police say, Dhillon gave the body to her husband, Jagsir Singh who placed the remains in a plastic bag. Reports say Bakhshinderpal Singh, Dhillon’s 23-year-old nephew,  then buried the body in the backyard. According to police reports, the girl’s father, Jagsir Singh, believed his nephew was the father of the baby.

Months later, on Feb. 26, the girl told one of her teachers that her father had threatened to kill her. That same day police contacted the girl. Newly released reports state the girl told police that her father had entered her room that morning and began yelling about the house being a mess. The reports say the girl told police that when her father gets mad he threatens “to kill her and marry her away.”

She also told police her father often threatened to cut her into pieces. 

According to the report, police then asked her if there was anything else she wanted to say. The girl revealed she had given birth at home in November. The day before police talked to her, her brother had told her the baby was buried in the backyard and laughed as he told her. 

Later that day, police found the baby buried in a flower bed in the backyard.

Last week, the girl’s father, Jagsir Singh was found dead in the Shining Crag Avenue residence. Police characterized the death a suicide.

Thursday, the funeral service for Jagsir Singh was held at Greenlawn Cemetery Southwest.

“The community wanted to be here today, not showing support, but  to learn that what happened is sad and do something within the community so it doesn’t happen again,” said Gurinder Singh Basra.

Over 200 people were in attendance, including Beant Kaur Dhillon. She was escorted in by police and seated away from everyone else. She was quiet and didn’t show much emotion. Dhillon was escorted out as soon as prayer ended, but before the service was over. Those present told 17 News the couple’s kids were also there.

“The kids are still going through the hardship, it’s hard for them to accept that they don’t have their father anymore,” said Basra.

Bakhshinderpal Singh, Dhillon’s nephew allegedly responsible for burying the baby is still wanted in this case. If you know where he is, you are asked to call the Bakersfield Police Department at 327-7111.

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