Court documents: fatal shooting between rival biker gangs premeditated


New details tonight in a deadly shooting between two rival biker gangs and the evidence that led to three recent arrests. 

Initial details painted the fatal confrontation between the rival gangs as an argument that escalated. But court documents allege that several members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club knew exactly what they were doing-and had it planned out to a tee.

It was Cinco De Mayo when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club held a charity car wash near Zingos Café on Buck Owens Blvd. Court documents say that several members of the Mongols knew about the event days prior and set a plan in motion.

 56-year-old Ricardo Viera who was shot and killed at the fundraiser,  received a text message from Eliseo Miranda two days prior-saying quote “light em up.” He also sent a photo of the flyer for the rival gang’s event.

Documents say on the afternoon of the car wash, Mongol members, Eliseo Miranda and Arturo Desiderio showed up, driven by an associate of the gang, Christopher Wilson. They got out of Wilson’s car in Mongol attire with tire irons in hand, shouting at the Hells Angels to come fight them.

Once 10 to 15 members of the Hells Angels were lured away from their event and into an adjacent parking lot, Ricardo Viera,  who’d recently driven up in his car, got out and fired into the crowd.

That’s when police say a man who is not a gang member-fired back with his legally obtained weapon and killed Viera. Police found a sawed off shot gun next to his Viera’s body. Documents say that two years ago, Ricardo Viera was stabbed by a Hells Angels member who’d recently been paroled and was believed to be at the car wash that day.

Wilson,  Miranda, and Desiderio all face charges of conspiracy, gang participation, five counts of attempted murder, and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

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