Court documents allege abuse of mentally disabled adult by caretakers


A company designed to assist mentally and physically disabled adults is being investigated two years after a claim of abuse first surfaced. The company’s motto is “aiming for independence, maturity, equality, and success.”

Court documents suggest at least two of their employees broke company policy and the law, after coming up with their own way to quote keep a client under control.

Court documents say deputies discovered a large scar on a mentally disabled 18 year old woman in 2016. The victim explained she has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old and said one of her caretakers burned her with scalding hot water. Detectives learned the young woman is under the care of Kern Regional Center, which contracts the company AIMES consulting for long term care.

AIMES employed the woman’s two fulltime caretakers. Last week, detectives interviewed the caretaker, who didn’t deny the allegation. He admitted heating a pot of water on a stove and pouring it on the victim. He said as a result, she suffered second degree burns. He said he and another employee made up a story to cover up the injuries.

And he didn’t stop there. The caretaker went on to say he and other employees physically assaulted the victim several other times. He said the victim was “kicked and punched as a form of retribution for her child-like behavior.”

He also named a co-worker he said taught him to keep the victim under control by using physical assault. He said the pair filled out reports that covered up the victims injuries. 

This incident happened under the AIMES Consulting branch, but their other branch, AIMES Homes has also had its share of issues in the past. One incident took place in late April 2015, where an employee was fired and arrested after allegedly leaving an autistic patient alone in a car for 30 to 45 minutes while they were inside a motel.

AIMES Consulting issued this statement today: “AIMES Consulting, Inc has been in business since 2004 but the owner, Iman Killebrew has been in the field for 22 years and employs nearly 100 people.  We pride ourselves on a long history of care and compassion for everyone we support. We are fully cooperating with all aspects of this investigation. This is an ongoing investigation so we will continue to respect the privacy of all the individuals involved.”

They said one of the caretakers named in the warrant hasn’t been employed with AIMES for over a year, and the other is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Kern Regional Center did not return our calls. KCSO says the investigation is ongoing.

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