Could GSK be tied with to any Bakersfield cold cases?


The man authorities believe to be the notorious golden state killer is now facing a 13th murder charge. This latest murder charge comes from Tulare county, just about hour outside Bakersfield.

Authorities working the case tell us  gsk made comments to multiple assault victims that he’d killed people in Bakersfield. So we’ve asked the question before: Is there a possible link between GSK and some of Kern’s dozens of cold cases? With this latest development in the case, we take a closer look. 

GSK had victims up and down the state and now we know he had victims not far from Bakersfield. 

“We have identified Joseph Deangelo as the sole suspect in the Visalia ransacker crime series and the murder of Claude Snelling,” said Visalia Police Chief Jason Salazar. 

Police say 72-year-old Deangelo is the alleged killer of college journalism professor, Claude Snelling. Authorities say Snelling was shot dead inside his Visalia home in 1975 while protecting his teenage daughter from a masked intruder, attempting to kidnap her. 

Deangelo was an officer with the nearby Exeter Police Department from 1973 to 1976, before leaving the Central Valley and heading north to work for the Auburn Police Department, around the time the east area rapist crime spree began.

Long before an arrest was made, arm chair detectives speculated online about the significance-if any-to comments GSK reportedly made during some sexual assaults in Northern California. Ventura County investigators confirm he told multiple victims he’d killed people in Bakersfield.

Back in July, on Kern County In-Depth, we asked cold case detective Christina Abshire if this was something she was looking into. “I am educated on the golden state killer on his methods and his time frames and his history and I can say I’ve gone so far as to actually consult with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and other departments that were/ are actively investigating the golden state killer,” said Abshire.

We asked Abshire the same question today. She said she plans to reach out to other neighboring law enforcement agencies to collaborate efforts as they petain to local cold cases.

Again, as of now, GSK has not been officially linked to any Kern County crime.

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