Community outpour of support for Brayden’s Brave Heart


After a long journey of hope, last Wednesday, 10-year-old Brayden Eidenshink received a brand new heart. 

According to his Facebook page, as of Monday he is now breathing on his own. 

It’s been rough for the family, not only emotionally, but also financially. Fortunately, the community has not left their side. 

“We are very thankful that this day is finally here, it’s been a very long journey and just the support from the community has been amazing,” said Amanda Mazza, Brayden Eidenshink’s aunt.

The day Brayden’s family and the community had been waiting for finally came.

“He’s handling physical therapy very well, he’s starting to eat more, he’s doing great, he really is,” said Mazza.

Four years of waiting ended last week when Brayden received the heart transplant he needed. A long journey not short on community support. 

“The family is a great family and they’ve gone through a lot, more than what most families combined go through,” said Johnny Bedingfield, member of Nobody Fights Alone.

Thursday, the Nobody Fights Alone Foundation brought together 30 volunteers to sell tri-tip plates to the community. The fundraiser started at 11 a.m.. and within the hour they had sold out. Around 1, 500 plates out the door. And 100 percent of all proceeds are going to the family.

“We don’t want to pay back this is out of our generosity and we’re blown away by the community,” said Bedingfield.

The group Nobody Fights Alone said late Thursday, the fundraiser raised $30,000 for Brayden’s family.

If you weren’t able to make it to today’s fundraiser, there’s a raffle Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Bakersfield Track House on Gilmore Avenue.

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