City in the Hills’ plan to build new homes has expired


A plan to build new homes in the City of the Hills has expired. 

Property owners will meet with the Planning Commission tomorrow to try and get their plans re-approved. However, they aren’t the only ones who hope the commission gives them the green light.

Almost a decade ago, developers promised residents of City in the Hills a second park. Back in 2015, the City Council voted to swap the proposed park land for land to be used to expand the Mesa Marin Sports Complex. The city planned to trade 11 acres of park land for 20 acres across Highway 178. They planned to build homes in the 11 acres instead of the promised park. 

Residents were not happy with this decision. To this day, those residents are still protesting their broken promise.

Brian Rutledge, resident of the area, started a petition to cease and desist the tentative tract. The petition has been signed by 30 community residents who say they have been robbed of what they were promised. 

Residents who oppose the plan to build the homes say the new homes can have a large impact on traffic and safety. They also say, adding more homes will take from the advertised aesthetics of a promised community park. 

The unconfirmed tract plans to subdivide the 11 acres into 54 single family residential lots and one landscape lot. 

The zone is located east of city hills drive between Garden Park Drive and Kuma Way in Northeast Bakersfield.

We reached out to councilman Ken Weir, whose district this property is on, but did not hear back. We also reached out to the planning department who did not respond. Residents of the city of the hills we reached out to did not want to comment.

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