Churches all over Kern County celebrate Good Friday


Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, wrapping up the Lenten Season.

Many churches across Kern County hosted events throughout the day walking visitors through the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“It’s been said one of the greatest gifts we can give anybody is our attention,” lead pastor at Ridgeview Community Church Daren Pitcher said. “And I kind of feel like if we create space where people give God their attention or take a moment to reflect, that God will speak something into their lives from the scriptural account.”

Fourteen interactive stations were set up in the parking lot at Ridgeview Community Church, taking you through the sacrifices Jesus made to die for our sins.

Families like Cody Morrison’s have made what the church calls the CrossWalk a tradition every year.

“It really brings it home a lot better and they remember it,” Morrison said about his kids. “And they’ll bring it up months from now. They’ll remember nailing things on the cross or putting the little stones in the bottles and it just helps it stick better.”

Across the county, St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Arvin acted out the stations of the cross.  

“We relive the passion in a since to allow us to come into the communion with God to really understand not only his suffering, but also his love for humanity,” Father Juan Maldonado said.

Hundreds of parishioners gathered to remember what Easter is all about.

“We are the children of God and God loves us so much Jesus Christ came to save us from evil to heaven,” Rosa Elia Kresa said. “When he died, he opened the gates to heaven for every single one who would want to go to heave, the door is wide open for us.”

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