California working on clearing marijuana convictions


California voters passed Proposition 64 in 2016, legalizing marijuana use for adults and eliminating several pot-related crimes. 

Last year, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1793. The law mandates the state to compile a list of all Californians eligible to have their pot-related crimes reduced or dismissed under prop 64 by July 1.

Under this bill you can have a conviction dismissed or reduced if you were convicted of something that was a crime before prop-64 passed, and now it is no longer one or is considered a lesser offense. Also, if the reduction does not pose an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety.

Instead of waiting until the Department Of Justice delivered the list, San Francisco county leaders developed their own list with the help of Code for America. The non-profit tech company developed an algorithm that combed through the county’s digitized criminal records that date back to 1975.  Over 9,000 cases were found. 

Back here at home, I checked with the District Attorney’s Office today and was told Kern county will wait to receive the list from the DOJ’s office before taking any action.

Below is a list of the charges that could be affected by the new legislation: 

HS 11357 (simple possession of marijuana)
HS 11358 (plant/harvest/process marijuana)
HS 11359 (Possession of marijuana for sale)
HS 11360 (Unlawful transport/importation of marijuana)
HS 11362.1: (possession of cannabis by 21 year old or older)
HS 11362.2 (personal cultivation of cannabis)
HS 11362.3 (prohibited smoking/possession/manufacture of cannabis)

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