BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Urner’s is opening their new Appliance and Furniture showroom in the Studio Movie Grill Shopping Center, according to a news release from the business.

The business said, the showroom is set to open to the public on Friday.

Vice President for Urner’s Appliances Cameron Illingworth shared with 17 News, that he hopes this will help grow the community.

“Kern County has always been great to Urner’s … this will be our fourth location .. we’re hoping to really employ quite a few good wage jobs here, help grow the community and reinvest,” Illingworth said.

The business said, that showroom is about 31,000-square-feet.

“We’re real excited about this store, we’re offering a lot more furniture than we’ve ever offered before. This is a big step for Urner’s into the furniture business,” Illingworth said.

Illingworth shared, that all locations will be celebrating the opening of the new showroom by offering a couple specials.