Be in Bakersfield campaign aims to make Bakersfield more desirable


A group of young adults launched an initiative to help people view Bakersfield in a more positive light called Be in Bakersfield.

“Be in Bakersfield is a grassroots marketing campaign that highlights the creative side, the problem-solver side, the parts of Bakersfield that aren’t seen as often,” co-creator Shannon LaBare said. “We are using it as a tool to shift the conversation within Bakersfield to not being so down and out, but really excited about the opportunity that’s here in front of us”

The group launched in April, but already kicked off its first project: a mural contest to bring more art to Downtown.

With over 100 submissions from 60 local artists, four new, bright and colorful paintings will be added to the side of Locale Farm to Table Restaurant.

“It’s been exciting to just create a platform that says you don’t have to apologize for being great, you don’t have to apologize for being innovative and creativity and the kind of positive that you experience here should be celebrated,” co-creator Daniel Cater said.

Through social media, the group has already gained a strong following, but they’re hoping to get more people excited about the project.

“Be what in Bakersfield? We have people that are innovative, people that are successful, collaborative and so kind of exploring what Bakersfield means on an individual level and also how are you impacting the community you live in have been kind of a central question,’ Cater said.

On Aug. 16, Be in Bakersfield will host its first ambassador event for those looking to join the conversation.

The event takes place at Sonder restaurant located at 9500 Brimhall Road from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $7. You can buy them at here.

“It doesn’t just end with networking, it goes further than that and so we want to make sure our connections mean something,” LaBare said. “If you’re looking for a community, if your looking for somewhere to get connected, you have a place that you can call home and we really want our events to reflect that.”

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