‘Be a Hero’ – anti-bullying rally


A local high school celebrated anti-bullying week with a series of activities.

Nueva High School held a rally Friday afternoon with their students.

The event was called “Be a Hero.”

Teaching students the importance of standing up for someone that may not speak up on their own.

And together they built a ‘Kindness Tree’ to remind every one that together they stand in the fight against bullying.

“I was a victim of bullying, from elementary to middle school, so doing this whole event for a whole week was really nice for me, and for others to realize that this isn’t something that’s in movies or in a book, this is something that’s real,” said Noemy Amaya, a junior at Nueva High.

The school had a number of balloons to signify what they would not allow in school; a few of them read: hate, exclusion, homophobia, name-calling – and a few others.

As the words were read, the balloons were released – symbolizing the hate leaving their school.

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