BC Strength and Conditioning Coach Zack Peters excited for 2018 season


Bakersfield College football is back and Saturday on KGET TV-17 you can watch live as the Renegades play El Camino. 

Kick-off is set for 6:00 p.m.

BC hopes to improve on their 6-4 regular season record last year.  

A big key in that quest, Strength and Conditioning Coach Zack Peters.

The Shafter High School graduate is in his third year as the head of Strength and Conditioning at Bakersfield College. 

“This is something I grew up watching as a young athlete here in town.  It was BC football and BC athletics so to be able to come back and be apart of it, be a part of something like this and the aura and community is pretty incredible,” said Zack Peters. 

Something else that’s pretty incredible, the culture he’s created in the weight room. 

“That’s our first thing, are we creating a culture that we can stand on?  Secondly, are we disciplined and accountable?  Finally, our effort and focus.  If you come everyday with a great level of effort and you’re focused on what we have to do and want to do it with a sense of urgency and your details are dialed in you’re going to get where we want to go,” Peters said. 

He’s dedicated to helping players develop.

“We’re building discipline, accountability, we’re trying to shape young student athletes into someone that a four-year big time college program is going to want,” Peters said. 

But the lessons go beyond the football field. 

“I think those things obviously apply to athletics but beyond that.  Those are life lessons.  Are you showing up to work on time, are you putting your all into what you’re doing,” Peters said. 

“Coach Peters, he’s the guy.  He’s very hype and up tempo and gets us going in the mornings, those 5 am practices.  He’s the first one sprinting, getting us in the weight room.  He’s just something else.  The way he wants us to work, the way he wants us to get better, the way he pushes us to be the best that we can be, it’s awesome,” said Joshua Yubeta, Offensive Line.

“Anything you need, he’ll give it to you.  Workouts, food, anything, anything you want.  He makes sure our bodies are ready to take the hits, well not me, but everybody else is ready to take the hits and last the whole season, you know stay healthy,” said Carson Olivas, Punter.

These players are buying what he’s selling, but that buy in is a two way street. 

I asked Coach Peters what motivates him everyday, his answer…

“Them.  The athletes.  Easily.  Being able to come in here, it’s the most exciting thing in the world to coach something up and see and athlete grow.  It’s difficult and we only have two years at a junior college, but when you see an athlete grow and like finally figure out a snatch – it’s a very complex movement pattern – and they get it and they see it and it’s powerful, it’s sharp, it’s exciting,” Peters said. 

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