Bakersfield 3: Missing man’s case now being investigated as homicide

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A case involving a Bakersfield man who went missing in March is now being investigated as a homicide.

New evidence in the disappearance of Micah Holsonbake, 35, changed the course from a missing person’s case to a homicide investigation, according to a newly released press release from Bakersfield Police Department.

Holsonbake’s disappearance has garnered local attention as part of the haunting mystery known as Bakersfield 3.

Family last saw Holsonbake, 34, on March 23. A month later, Baylee Depot, 21, was last seen by family. In between the two disappearances, on Apil 8, James Kulstad was found shot and killed.

Here is the text of the news release from the Bakersfield Police Department:

The Bakersfield Police Department is investigating the disappearance of Micah Holsonbake. Investigators have received information leading them to believe Micah Holsonbake is deceased, and that he was murdered.

On April 25, 2018, the Kern County Sheriff’s Department began investigating the disappearance of Baylee Despot. The investigations into the murder of Micah Holsonbake and missing person Baylee Despot have a number of commonalities including witnesses, locations, and evidence.

The Bakersfield Police Department and Kern County Sheriff’s Department have agreed that both cases will be investigated by the Bakersfield Police Department.

Anyone with information regarding either case is asked to contact Detective Garrett at (661) 326-3504, the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 327-7111, or Kern Secret Witness at (661) 322-4040.

The mothers of Micah, Baylee and James connected when they realized their three children ran in the same friend circle.

Since then they have spanned much of Bakersfield, posting fliers, creating a Facebook page and urging investigators to look into the possible connections.

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