Bailey Schweitzer’s parents honor the daughter they lost


Bailey Schweitzer was 20 years old and the youngest victim on Oct. 1, 2017 during the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. But before Schweitzer was tied to Las Vegas, she spent her life growing up in Bakersfield, impacting our community. 

Schweitzer’s family and friends made their way to Las Vegas, Monday, on the one year anniversary of the tragedy, to honor the beloved girl they lost. 

Bailey’s parents, Scott and Crissy Schweitzer, took a moment before their trip, to talk to 17 News about their girl. 

“We didn’t do anything without her. Anything,” said Crissy Schweitzer, Bailey’s mom. 

“I think that was a lot because she was our youngest child,” Scott Schweitzer, Bailey’s father, said. “We have two older boys and they’re boys, they do the boy thing. But she was our youngest daughter.”

Bailey wasn’t just Scott and Crissy Schweitzer’s only girl, but the only girl born into the Schweitzer family in three generations. 

“She was a daddy’s girl,” her mom said. “She probably liked him more than me. She probably would say that too,” Crissy joked. “I’m okay with that.”

But Bailey and her mom were close, too. The two of them taking on road trips and going to concerts together regularly. 

“She called me and said there’s this big concert going on over here,” Scott recalled his call with Bailey. The ‘big concert’ was the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. A year ago, her parents remember, Bailey was eagerly waiting for tickets to go on sale. 

“The minute they came out she goes, ‘We’re going. We’re not going to miss this,'” Crissy said.

They didn’t – but Crissy returned to Kern County from that concert, alone. 

“I was right next to her. I was with her …”

Crissy was with Bailey when she was shot and killed along with 57 other victims that night. 

“She’s left a huge hole in a lot of hearts,” Crissy said of her daughter’s loss.

“We miss seeing her car drive up in the driveway and her coming through the front door,” her dad said, choking up. “It’s just tough,” the pained parents said, as they sat comforting one another. 

But, they say, they want to make Bailey proud. So they work hard daily to keep her spirit alive. Painting and decorating everything in their house with the color teal; Bailey’s favorite color. 

The Schweitzers also started the Bailey Schweitzer Memorial Scholarship through Centennial High – Bailey’s alma mater.

Today, Crissy even carries Bay with her on her arm. 

“We reached out and found the exact tattoo artist that did Bailey’s arm and then Crissy went last week and got the same tattoo done on her arm,” the proud husband said, holding his wife’s arm up for a good look at her new, matching tattoo. A tattoo that matches the words written on Bailey’s arm: “Saved By Grace.”

A constant reminder of the best friend, the daughter, and the angel they have in Bailey. 

If you would like to contribute to Bailey’s Memorial Scholarship, you can donate through the Kern Community Foundation. Call them at 661-325-5346 or visit their website at to make a donation in Bailey’s name. 

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