Back to School: Local teachers deck out classrooms for students to excel


Hundreds of teachers across Kern County spend much of their own time and money getting their classrooms decorated and stocked for their students.

Denise Shaw, a third grade teacher at Bimat Elementary School said she spent over $2,000 getting her classroom ready for the school year.

“I decorate it for my students because I want it to be fun and a great learning environment and I want them to be like, I want to be in that room, because then I feel like they will want to learn,” Shaw said.  

Shaw’s class is covered from floor to ceiling in paper, fun boarders and 3D decor.

She also spends her own money buying needed school supplies for her students.

“I like my kids to have everything they need because some kids come here with everything you ask for and some kids come here with nothing and so I want everyone to feel like all the other kids,” Shaw said.

Down the street, at Discovery Elementary, Joshua Nelson’s sixth grade class is vintage travel themed, allowing students to discover without leaving the classroom.

“When they walk into my room every day, they walk into a different place,” Nelson said. “They can be transported and so if it’s a survivor theme or you know space, they go somewhere else and for the time that they are with me, they can be somewhere else that they need to be.”

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