Authorities arrest fake baby photographer in Washington State


A woman and her daughter have been arrested in Washington State by sheriff’s deputies for allegedly posing as a newborn photographer to try and kidnap a baby.

A Pierce County Sheriff Detective said a 38-year-old suspect posted in a newborn baby group online under the name, Juliette Parker. The woman offered to take free newborn photos to build her portfolio.

Deputies are posting the suspects picture on social media to warn parents. They say the investigation began after a woman called 911 on Feb. 5 after she believed to have been drugged.

Detective Ed Troyer said the victim was drugged through a cupcake with the intent to kidnap her baby. ” Her house keys were missing, she remembered her wiping prints down in the kitchen. We think she was seeking females five weeks and younger because she wanted a girl and she wanted them five weeks and younger so she could raise it herself, take it out of state and pretend it was a newborn of her own.”

Through search warrants, social media posts and text messages, detectives discovered the woman was trying to kidnap a baby to take it out of state and raise as her own.

Now, deputies changed the locks on the victim’s door and placed a patrol car at her home for safety.

The suspect is now in jail and her 16-year-old daughter has been placed in a juvenile detention center. They both expect to appear in court Tuesday.

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