Attorney compares criminal case against county supervisor to fine against city councilman


Throughout the news conferences on criminal charges against Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez, comparisons were brought up between Perez’s case and a fine issued to Bakersfield City Councilman Bob Smith. 

Smith was fined $3,000 last year for a Political Reform Act violation. The case never was considered by the district attorney’s office. A point Perez’s attorney emphasized Tuesday. 

Smith admitted he used his position to influence the city planning commission to approve his company’s application for a subdivision of land. 

H.A. Sala said, “But he was not criminally prosecuted by Lisa Green’s office.”

Kern County District Attorney Lisa green addressed the comparison. 

Green said, “Well it’s different because this case was investigated by the district attorney’s office. I don’t know that that case was referred to our office.”

“For her to say she didn’t know about it is a convenient response and we don’t buy it,” said Sala. 

Sala went on to say Perez’s case doesn’t belong in criminal court and the case is politically and racially motivated.

Both Sala and Green said they were not aware of any criminal cases in California similar to the one filed Tuesday against Perez. 

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