Asthma summit: How to deal with asthma


Outdoor activities like the Kern County Fair can trigger asthma attacks for sensitive people, but health providers say that those with asthma can still have a great time at the fair. 

“There’s allergies that complicate asthma and these allergies have been getting worse with climate change and warming temperatures which makes asthma difficult to manage,” said Carlos Bello, senior member health educator at Kern Health Systems.

More than 110,000 people in Kern County are battling asthma. The Asthma Coalition of Kern County is doing what it can to help others from becoming infected and those who already are.

“We’re trying to provide information for different members of the community because asthma is such a complex problem, we need to look at different angles and get different people involved,” said Bello.

The Kern County Asthma Coalition held a summit on Thursday afternoon where patients connected with health professionals, learning how to deal with our poor air quality, especially when symptoms are triggered.

“Everyone is different in terms of the mechanism of their asthma,” said Dr. Alpha Anders, pulmonary specialist.

The illness can be life changing, but solutions are available.

“You can still live a normal life if you have asthma, it’s just very important you have written asthma plan so you’re prepared in case you start to feel some symptoms,” said Bello.

So, experiencing the Kern County Fair, even with our poor air quality, can be possible for most asthma patients.

“Before going in, 10-15 minutes before, you can use your rescue inhaler to de-escalate the triggers that the dust particles might have on your asthma,” said Anders. “If you know the fair affects you, you can be on a maintenance regimen before the fair starts, two to three weeks before.”

If you have asthma or know someone who does, you can join the coalition by emailing them at

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