Arvin passes ordinance to restrict new oil operations near neighborhoods


A new ordinance passed by the Arvin city council will restrict new oil operations near neighborhoods throughout the city. 

The ordinance was passed Tuesday. 

The restrictions do not apply to any of the current oil wells in Arvin, as they are grandfathered in, granted operators do not change location or expand operations. 

“This is not a ban,” Arvin mayor Jose Gurrola said. “It allows oil operations to happen within the city of Arvin. You just can’t get within 300 feet of sensitive uses. So, I don’t want an oil rig in my backyard. I don’t want it for my constituents, and I’m sure all the supporters of the oil industry that spoke out today don’t want that for themselves.” 

Mayor Gurrola is one of 100 California officials calling for a greater push for clean energy by phasing out oil. 

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