Army veteran says local doctor mistreated him


An Army veteran wants an apology from a local doctor. Joseph Perez said he was disrespected while seeking treatment at Delano Regional Medical Center.
Perez hired an attorney and said he is hoping to use the incident to make a change. 

Perez went to the emergency room at Delano Regional Medical Center January 14 in pain from injuries he received eight years ago while serving in the military. Perez said the doctor shouted when Perez told him he was in the military and served in a combat zone. In a post on Facebook, Perez states he asked the doctor to lower his voice when talking about his personal information. That’s when Perez said the doctor kicked him out, threatened to call police and told him to never come back. 

Perez’s attorney Daniel Rodriguez said, “Joseph was treated rudely. He was disrespect and the second thing is, his privacy was violated.”

Rodriguez said Perez wouldn’t talk about what happened, stating the post explained it all. 

“His condition, the way he was feeling, this didn’t help it only made it worse,” said Rodriguez. 

“If I could use this platform to get the message out there, that would be the main goal,” said Perez. 

Hundreds of people have shared the story on social media.

Perez said, “I was at first wowed about how much support we actually got and how much anger was out there at the way I was treated.”

Perez said he wants an apology.

Perez: “I would like to see change at that hospital and for people not to be treated in that form of being disrespected and felt unwanted and in other words, what I went through doesn’t happen to the community anymore. There’s a change that needs to be made at that hospital.”

We went to Delano Regional Wednesday for the hospital’s side of the story. Wednesday night, the hospital provided 17 News this statement:

Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) strives to provide the utmost satisfaction in patient care while maintaining our longstanding commitment to delivering the highest quality of care for all. DRMC does look into every patient grievance with the utmost importance and dignity. However, in an effort to protect patient and personnel privacy DRMC is not able to discuss any patient matter publicly at this time.

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