Accused baby killer faces new charges & allegations of ties to WSC street gang


It was a crime that shocked our community, and tonight the man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s two year old son, burying the child’s body in the Kern River Canyon, and then taking the cops on a lengthy manhunt- is now facing a new set of charges.
Until being charged with murder, people who knew  20-year-old Kaleb Kessinger thought he was troubled, but new court documents suggest he had parts of his life deeply hidden from neighbors in his quiet Rosedale neighborhood.

Documents say Kaleb Kessinger went to a store with his 87-year-old grandfather last February where he stole his grandfather’s wallet and took off leaving the old man behind. Reports say Kessinger stole $12,000 from his grandfather. Police were called.

During a search of his bedroom, officers say they recovered a loaded stolen Glock handgun and two assault-style rifles, along with a shot gun, and an additional hand gun. One of the assault rifles was 80% homemade with a loaded detachable magazine.

Inside his home on Nighthawk Lane, they say they also found Kessinger had a photo of a deceased West Side Crip gang member on his wall. 

Kessinger-who’s white-lives in a middle class neighborhood largely free of gang violence. But documents say he’s had numerous contacts with the African American street gang located on the other side of town.

Documents say Kessinger is believed to be either a member or associate of the notorious West Side Crips and allege his guns are related to his gang involvement.

The West Side Crips made headlines in December after a massive multi agency gang sweep-stemming from the homicide of 5-year-old Kason Guyton.

Kessinger made headlines in April for allegedly murdering his girlfriend’s 2 year old son, and with her assistance, burying his body.

Kessinger is now facing several new charges including grand theft, possessing an assault rifle and causing injury to an elder. He’s scheduled to be in court tomorrow on his pending murder case.

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