A Sideline Staple


He’s a staple at Standard Middle School. 

“Every kid has something good in them.  They really do.  You might have to look and search and dig, but it’s there.  It’s there.  And if you take the time to respect them and find it, they’ll love ya,” said Adam Banducci. 

Adam Banducci has taught and coached at Standard Middle School for 30 years. 

“Well it may sound bad, but we need more people like me. More people who care about kids, that are willing to sacrifice and put forth the effort to teach an mentor kids,” Banducci said.

A staple on the sidelines, on top of teaching he’s also dedicated three decades to coaching.

“I really stress good sportsmanship on the court.  I want to play hard, I want my girls to play hard, but at the end of the game it is that, it’s just a game and it’s a vehicle for us to learn,” Banducci said.

His success as a coach not measured by wins or losses, instead he hopes…

“That they will have gotten better with their basketball skills, but they will also have learned something about life,” Banducci said. 

Nearly 20 years ago he was 17’s Tabatha Mills’ basketball coach and she still remember the lessons he taught her. 

Tabatha said he’s part of the reason she is the person she is today.  

Tabatha believes we do need more people like Coach B. 

“I wish more people got into teaching and coaching.  You know, trying to find somebody to fill my shoes or come along that I can mentor is tough sometimes and a lot of people aren’t going into teaching these days because you’re not making as much money as you could in another field,” Banducci said. 

He might not make the money he could have in another field, but if you ask any of the students or families whose lives he’s touched, Coach B is the richest man out there. 

“I just hope at the end of the day on my tombstone it would read something like, we love him, he was a well respected, nice, christian man who did us great,” Banducci said.

It’s unheard of in today’s world for a youth coach to coach as long as Banducci has. 

Many coaches jump from school to school looking to win, but not Coach B.  

He’s stayed at standard through good and bad seasons because again, it’s not about wins or losses. 

He hopes to keep teaching and coaching for many more years. 

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