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“I’ve kind of forged my own trail,” said Susanne Filkins, a Bakersfield native and Head of Production for Waters End Productions in Los Angeles. 

It was that trail that landed her in Hollywood to work on a number of acclaimed feature films and documentaries. 

“I mean she’s just incredible. She’s so talented. She’s so full of ideas,” said Tom Dolby, Founder of Waters End Productions.

Her passion is telling stories, fitting for someone who has quite the story herself. 

A small town farm girl with…

“Farfetched dreams,” Filkins laughed. 

She learned the value of hard work at a young age.

“Whether it was going out to our pasture to put up fences, you know we were a hard working family and still are,” Filkins said. 

She left all she ever knew to find herself.

“What I really wanted to do, was really in my heart and what I really felt I could offer the world was outside of Bakersfield,” Filkins said.

Along the way she found her passion.

“The sky is the limit. I think we only limit ourselves,” Filkins said. 

She wasn’t an overnight success. 

“The entertainment business is not easy,” Filkins said. 

But she stayed true to herself. 

“Don’t be afraid and be bold and know that there’s only one of you,” Filkins said. 

Now, more than 20 years later, she’s made it.

“It’s inevitable. If you persevere it’s inevitable,” Filkins said. 

A Hollywood heroine who never gave up.

“It takes a lot of work but it also is really worth it,” Filkins said.

A passionate protagonist determined to succeed.

“One of the biggest things about Susanne is not just how talented and how effective she is, but just she does everything with love and compassion and passion for her work and that’s just such a rare quality these days,” Dolby said. 

A quality she learned from the people who helped start her story. 

‘I feel fortunate that my parents, even though they didn’t have any kind of entertainment industry background, they always were just encouraging me.  They always though, ‘sure if that’s where your interest is then go for it,’ “

And she’s going to continue to go for it because her story is far from over.

“I love the idea of encouraging people to tell their own stories. You know everyone has their own perspective. We all are individuals and all the stories need to be told,” Filkins said. 

Filkins is a graduate of North High School and Cal State University Long Beach. 

Recently Filkins worked as an Executive Producer on the film “Little Woods,” “It Happened in L.A.” and “The Price.”

She also worked on the films “The House of Tomorrow,” and “Scotty: The Secret History of Hollywood.”

Filkins was also an Associate Producer on the Luca Guadagnino film “Call Me By Your Name,” which received four Oscar nominations, winning one. 

She is now working on a feature film called, “The Artist’s Wife.”

She is passionate about the film as it follows her dreams of telling stories about people – stories that matter. 

“The Artist’s Wife” follows the journey of  the wife of an artist who forgets how to paint due to dementia.  

The list of her work could on and on, but she said her proudest “work” or accomplishment, is raising her 3-year-old daughter, Olivia

For more information about Flikins and Waters End Productions, click here.

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