A Fishing Mission


Anglers Anonymous started shipping out in 2012. 

“We haven’t stopped since.  It’s just been a real blessing,” said Ed Coleman, Anglers Anonymous.

The organization takes veterans on a deep sea fishing expedition free of charge. 

“To show them that there is still life out there.  We try to give them as good a time as we can possibly give them out here so they’ll forget about the world for a day,” Coleman said. 

It’s casting a new light for our veterans.

“It’s a relief.  I feel like as a veteran with PTSD and diabetes health issues, we need this,” said Parker Hoogesteger, a Purple Heart recipient. 

They’re reeling in more than fish. 

“I feel a sense of pride just knowing that I’m out here.  Sometimes, you know, things are rough back home,” said Isaac Preston, Marine Corps veteran.

“It just feels better to get out here with the veterans and people who understand what you’ve been through,” Hoogesteger said. 

‘It just changes lives,” Coleman said. 

A veteran fishing mission on the healing waters of the Central Coast. 

“I had an amazing time,” Preston said. 

“Today’s probably been one of the happiest days of my life.  Just getting out here with fellow veterans, you know, nobody else,”  Hoogesteger said. 

“Makes me feel good.  Not so alone anymore.  I really enjoyed this,” said Gwendolyn Turner, Army veteran. 

“Sense of pride, real proud to be out here,” said Jovany Paniagua, Marine Corps veteran. 

“To me it’s the best thing in the world.  It really is.  I just love these people for what they’ve done for this country,” Coleman said. 

Anyone interested in learning more about Anglers Anonymous, click here

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