A Beardsley Ballad


The Beardsley Jr. High band was established in 1938.

In the years since, only three teachers have led the band.

“I love this school district and the kids we have here are amazing and they take pride in what they do,” said Jim Reed, a music teacher at Beardsley.

The band room at Beardsley is lined with generations of trophies, but what catches your eye is a decades old hand painted sign.

“It says ‘The World Famous Beardsley Band.’ We continue to preach to the kids that pride lives at Beardsley and class lives at Beardsley. We want the kids to take pride in what they do and be well discipline and they do all of that. You see the trophies they’ve won over a number of years and it gives a great deal of satisfaction that we’ve helped kids for a long time,” Reed said.

Helping kids since 1938 when Eldon Miller started the world famous band, beginning the rich legacy that lives on today.

Jim Reed joined the band in 1967, taking the baton a few years later when Mr. Miller retired.

“We have great kids. We have some kids that come from tough situatuions and to build to pride they have in their music, the pride they have in their program, and it’s just fun to see and fun to be a part of,” Reed said.

Mr. Reed retired from teaching in 2006, but he couldn’t stay away.

He returned as a part time teacher the following year.

“I love this school district and the kids we have here are amazing and they take pride in what they do,” Reed said.

Jim Young leads the Bears today.

“The idea of excellence. These kids can achieve a lot of things if they work hard enough and hard work is really our, you know, I call these kids the hardest working band in Kern County. They just put the time in to be the very best they can be,” said Jim Young.

Mr. Young stepped onto the Beardsley campus in 2008, teaching students what they need to succeed in band and in life.

“If they learn one thing, music is great, you can do it your whole life, but if they can connect hard work with success then I think we’ve done our job,” Young

Three men, 80 plus years of learning and growth, decades of pride and passion, it all adds up to a beautiful Beardsley ballad.

The strong ties don’t end there.

Paul Miller, the Superintedent of the Beardsley School District is the grandson of Eldin Miller, the man who started it all.

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