7 students arrested after 2 fights break out at East Bakersfield High School


UPDATE (6:33 p.m.): The student seen being beaten by other students at East High School in a widely shared video on social media is out of a hospital and back home according to the Kern High School District.

Previous story:

Seven students were arrested Thursday after two fights broke out on campus, according to Lisa Krch, Public Information & Communications Manager with Kern High School District.

The incidents were investigated and district officials believe the fights were unrelated. One fight was recorded and the behavior exhibited on the video is clearly unacceptable, KHSD said.

Kern High School District full statement:

 There were two student fights at East High School yesterday that were unrelated. One fight was recorded and the behavior exhibited on the video is clearly unacceptable. Our high schools make great efforts to teach our students to behave with respect for others and to resolve conflicts without engaging in physical altercations. However, when students breach the boundaries of acceptable behavior District administrators respond by holding students accountable for their actions, implementing appropriate student discipline as prescribed by the Education Code and District policies, as well as providing supports to affected students. This incident was investigated and appropriate student discipline will be applied by the school site administration. The KHSD cannot comment on student discipline due to the FERPA laws protecting the individual privacy rights of the students. As a result of this incident, seven students from East High school were arrested by the Kern High School Police Department.

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