$40,000 raised for Camp Fire survivors


“It’s like one big family.  I think a lot of people come together at a time of crisis.  Everybody wants to help,” said Scott Dewar, Dewar Farms 

At a national cattle show in Reno, Nevada, the Dewar family decided to auction off a heifer and donate 100% of the proceeds to families and animals displaced by the Camp Fire. 

“I had no idea about the devastation.  You know, you hear it on the news, but you don’t realize that they may never have a home.  There’s just nothing to go back to,” Dewar said. 

The Dewar family has spent tens of thousands of dollars raising a Hereford heifer named Emma.

A heifer is a female cow that has not yet had a calf. 

Hereford is a breed of cattle. 

Their intent was to breed her and keep her on their farm, but despite the money and work invested in Emma, the Dewar family wanted to help and was willing to let Emma go home with someone else.

“Hearing that devastation up there and the length of period it’s going to take to rebuild, this is not a year thing, it’s 3-5 years,” Dewar said. 

Scott Dewar and others associated with a group called G5 cattle began asking for donations. 

“Our first thoughts were we might raise $3,000 or $4,000 bucks,”


“It went way beyond what we thought it was going to be,” Dewar said, “at the time the sale started we were up to $14,000.”

Donations from families like the Dewars came in from across the nation. 

“People are donating from Texas to Michigan, all across the country,” Dewar said. 

Then, just when everyone thought it was done…

“GKB cattle came in and they paid $13,500 for the heifer and then gave her back to resale her again,” Dewar said. 

After that, GKB cattle, owned by the Buchholz family in Texas and otherwise basically complete strangers to the Dewar family, bought Emma again, for a second time, for another $13,500. 

“I didn’t realize they were going to auction her off three times and halfway in I started crying then all the kids gave us a big ol’ hug and we were all crying it was just really a good experience,” said Madison Dewar, Scott Dewar’s daughter. 

Emma raised more than $40,000 for Camp Fire survivors. 

To top it all off the Buchholz family game Emma back to the Dewar’s to take home, just as they always hoped. 

“yeah, there weren’t too many dry eyes in the crowd,” Scott Dewar said. 

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