3 local men reported missing, may be the bodies found in Burbank


Three bodies were found in an SUV Tuesday morning in Burbank. Tuesday night, family told 17 News, they believe the three men are from Kern County. 

Maria Lopez is the mother of 32-year-old Carlos Lopez. She believes her son is one of the men found dead in Burbank. She spoke with 17 News Tuesday night. She said, if it is her son who was killed – she wants answers about how he died, why he was killed, and who could have done this. 

21-year-old JC Amiama and his older brother 24-year-old Lucas Amiama are the other two men that family and friends have linked to this suspicious death investigation – both born and raised in Bakersfield. 

Family members had already grown suspicious over the weekend, when none of the men were answering their phones. Friends and family close to Carlos Lopez said, they expected him home Friday evening. Riverside was the last place they knew he was. 

Lopez’s younger sister Inez told us, the “missing” poster began circulating Tuesday when their worries peaked. She said she also filed police reports locally when her brother still hadn’t returned home over the weekend. 

Then, Tuesday morning, three bodies were found in a vehicle parked on a Burbank Street. The vehicle matches the description of the one family and friends were searching for. 

Burbank police are treating this investigation as a homicide. However, at this time, official identifications of the deceased have not been made.

Family we spoke to says, while they hope the bodies are not their family members, they see the signs and they are anxious. 

The investigation on Varney Street continued through the night. Some family members from both the Amiama and the Lopez families have made their way to Burbank this evening to get more answers. They told me they want justice for their boys if they were killed and left for dead like this. 

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