18 years after 9/11, daughter recalls father’s story of survival


Years have gone by, but the memory of September 11, 2001 hasn’t faded. 

Wednesday marks 18 years since thousands of people were killed in one of the most cowardly acts of hate against the United States. 

On Wednesday, 17 News heard from one local woman directly impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Morgan Sokolow said her dad, Alan Sokolow, is her best friend. 

So when she got a call from her mother on September 11, 2001, telling her a plane hit her father’s building, she said time felt like it stood still. 

“She’s on the phone with me, and all of a sudden you just hear, “Oh my god, oh my god,” on the [television],” Sokolow said. “[Then] it hits the other building, it was pretty intense. Almost 20 years later and it’s still fresh on my mind.” 

For people like Morgan Sokolow, the morning of September 11, 2001 remains fresh and engrained in her mind. Mostly because her favorite person was inside one of the Twin Towers that morning. 

“I just kept hoping for a good outcome,” Sokolow said. “I just kept hoping that I was going to be one of the lucky ones.” 

“My dad he’s my best friend,” Sokolow said. “He’s my business partner and he’s my hero.” 

Alan Sokolow, a former Emergency Room doctor, escaped death that day but stayed behind to help those victims who needed medical assistance. 

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